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Lake Perry Yacht Club

This shelter to the entrance of the Lake Perry Yacht Club provides ample space "under roof" for patrons to lounge with comfortable access to food and beverages. 

John Hayworth of The Barn Guys North and his crew quickly erected this handsome structure using Perma-Column Sturdi-Wall drill-set brackets attached to a large concrete patio.

Sturdi-Wall drill-set brackets are the strongest of their kind. Precision-machined, robotically-welded, powder-coated and lifetime warrantied, each bracket offers shear strength rated at more than 3,750 lbs and uplift rated at more than 7,000 lbs.


post brackets

Pole buildingcolumn brackets

Pole barn


Heartland Perma-Column Donates Pre-Cast Concrete DeckPosts for Community Rebuilding project

Rebuilding Together Omaha addresses home repair  and rehabilitation needs in the Omaha NE community.

Omaha builder Ike Conway of ICJ General Contractors contacted HPC about a project to rebuild a rotted and dangerous front porch for a family in need.  HPC donated two Perma-Column pre-cast concrete DeckPosts for the job.

After the old porch was removed, two pre-cast concrete DeckPosts were installed. Holes were dug to a depth of 42". 

Long foot adjusters extended almost 2' out of the bottom of the DeckPosts to temporarily hold them in place with the brackets high enough for a 4x6" beam to be installed on top of them 12" above grade. Concrete was poured in the holes to create a footing that extended to the area's frost-free depth.

A new porch was installed on top of the beam, with the other end secured to the house.

The pre-cast DeckPosts made the job quick and easy. Instead of using a sono-tube concrete pier form, lots of concrete and a wet-set pier bracket, the DeckPosts could be lined up for absolute accuracy and cast exactly where they needed to be. 

The job came out beautifully. The sleek and professional-looking concrete posts holding the beam were easier to install and looked much nicer than the large round piers and yellow cardboard forms typically used for a concrete pier.


column brackets

perma columnpost brackets

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Hunting Cabin
Lake Perry, Kansas
  • Custom-designed by Treanor Architects of Lawrence
  • Built by Denning-Santee Construction
  • 2-Story loft with fireplace
  • Mono-slope roof
  • Matching post-frame garage
  • All-cedar siding with steel roofing
  • Custom Kitchen and bath
  • Second-story walk-out deck
  • Perma-Column Sturdi-Wall Plus SWP63 wet-set anchors secure laminated columns
  • Five 2x8's inside and outside the SWP63 brackets to completely cover them; cedar planking makes them look like solid 8x8 cedar timbers
Post-frame building
Pole building
Pole building
Eckman Gamebird Farm & Hunting Preserve of Vinland, Kansas


  • Vehicle and equipment storage
  • Attached Kennel with Dog Run
  • Perma-Columns 8 feet on center
  • Laminated columns of one 2x8" and two 2x6" untreated SYP 
  • Concrete floor 
  • High-Volume Ventilation system
  • Edgecomb Construction of Centropolis KS chosen because they specialize in quality Perma-Column buildings.


Net-Zero Energy Use House

Total net cost (not including land): $131,000

Net cost per square foot: $98

Total square footage: 1,350

Exterior finish: wood grain vinyl siding and standing seam steel roof

  • State-of-the-art, grid-tied solar system
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Low-E insulated windows
  • Materials with high recycled content
  • 10-inch wall cavities
  • Reflective foils on all sides of the house
  • Steel roof with "cool color" paint system
  • "Energy Star" & "Green Ready" certified
  • 80% fewer thermal breaks in the wall
  • Insulated concrete slab for heat retention

Built by Borkholder Buildings, featured on www.postframeadvantage.com

 barn  Educational Perma-Column Building institutional post frame structure

NFBA Building of the Year Contest, Institutional Category, 1st Place - by Illes Architects, Inc. Built for Muskingum College. This building is used as an art classroom and replaces a 19th-century building, which is being restored. The use of perma-columns was an important long-term value for the college; they are very conservative and expect buildings to last a long time with limited maintenance. The North monitor and indirect lighting specifically address the art education requirements. Post-frame was chosen for the speed of relocating the art school so programs could move on during the summer break. The cost-effective clear-spans needed for a multi-use space was desired by the college. After construction ended, the headline in the local paper boasted of an important advantage of post-frame construction: "Muskingum College Constructs New Energy-Efficient Art School Building."

 Post-frame building  Perma-Column Foot Care Doctor's Office

By Fingerlakes Construction Co, built for Dr. Carrie O'Neil (Complete Foot Care). This building is used as a medical building for a doctor of podiatry. An important feature includes the design features allowing at-grade access. The unique design of the dormers and valleys give it a lower profile design and the stucco exterior adds to the low maintenance and visually appealing décor. The entire structure is designed in post-frame. The design is structurally stronger, more cost effective, completed in a timely manner, and has the benefit of a "Perma-Column" concrete foundation. This building is very beautiful and comfortable; the client absolutely loved the design and interior layout.

 Pole barn  Post-Frame Getaway Home with Ample Storage

Built by Orchard Construction, Inc. This structure was the culmination of many thoughts and dreams of the owner, who wanted a building to serve as a second home and for storage. The structure has two levels with living areas on half of the first floor and all of the second floor; the bonus room above the upstairs bedrooms is thanks to the use of attic trusses. The first floor is divided into an entry hall, full bathroom, laundry room, open staircase, and a TV room. The balance of the first level is garage and storage under the staircase. The second level is occupied by the open living room with a full cathedral ceiling and an adjacent kitchen area, full bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The third level bonus room opens to the living area. All windows, with the exception of a few awning style, are Anderson casement windows. These windows were planned for open use to accommodate ventilation during the summer months. The second floor is composed of 12" TGIs with high-density 3/4" OSB decking. To add to the usefulness of the structure, 2" of spray foam was installed on all exterior walls. The underside of the roof that is exposed to sight below is tongue and groove 2x6 decking and the roof itself is standing seam with venting and all edges rolled over and seamed. Post-frame allowed the builder to quickly provide for a foundation and begin framing within 2 days. By using Perma Columns, we were able to provide a permanent concrete foundation, thus averting any of the owner's concerns regarding the longevity of post- Post-frame technology allowed the owners the ability to build a Northern Michigan residence with high end exterior finished, low developmental impact to the environment, high insulating capabilities, and fast, durable, quality construction. "Using post-frame construction gave us savings that we could not have realized in other methods of construction. This allowed us to upgrade in many areas such as windows, siding, roofing, and insulation. Those upgrades give long term value to the home in terms of overall durability, maintenance and low energy costs."-Matt Stabnick, owner, in letter to builder dated December 3, 2008

 Post-frame building  Perma-Column house with detached garage

Built by WC Buildings, LLC. This is a beautiful custom home with 3400 square feet. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and two 1/2 bathrooms. It has a kitchen and great room area, plus a living room area. This custom built home has a lifetime Everlast 24 gauge standing seam roof, PermaColumn posts, cultured stone on the front, vinyl siding on the sides and back, white vinyl column wraps, 2 hot water systems for efficiency and Amish built custom cabinets with Wilsonart countertops in the kitchen. This custom home was built for $78 per square foot, compared to conventional building of $103 per square foot. This was a savings of $87,700. This house was designed with green in mind. The roof is a lifetime standing seam, the walls are insulated to R26 The builder had an Open House and invited bankers, mortgage companies, realtors and other contractors. The builder wanted to educate these groups of people on the post-frame advantage in the residential market. They also opened to the public. When done, The builder had 312 visitors and received 22 letters from lending institutions wanting to be their lender of choice. As the year twined out The builder received 5 house projects and several accessory buildings from the event.

 Colorful Post-Frame Garage  Post-Frame Garage with Painted Shingles

Post-frame garage by Wick Buildings featuring vinyl siding, Timberline 3-tab roofing and colorful painted cedar shingles - all features that matched the exterior of the more than 100-year-old house.



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