Perma-Columns: Ideal for Walkways, Fences and Shelters in Parks, Natural Areas

If you were planning to put posts in the ground, Perma-Columns are bigger, stronger and better than any other option. Make sure the posts willl last by keeping them above grade using our precast concrete piers and heavy steel brackets.

Above is a boardwalk built by the Dept. of Natural Resources Rocky Fork Conservation Area.  There is an archery and shooting range with an elevated boardwalk and tall wooden fence, and a shelter.  For these tall structures, typical cast-in-place pier brackets would not do. The above partially-finished construction site shows how Perma-Columns fit the bill and made the work more ecomomical and efficient - as well as longer-lasting.

The photo above shows a 10-foot high wooden fence constructed by the Dept. of Natural Resources. Strong winds against a fence like this may created substantial shear. Perma-Columns and Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set brackets provide 6,561 lbs. shear for 4x6 posts, and 9,138 lbs. shear for 2x8 laminated columns - substantially more shear strength than other pier brackets.

Project design engineer Tim Schutte remarked, "We are about 90% done setting the Perma-Columns.  We have some concrete sidewalks to pour before finishing the fencing.  The quality and ease of use of your products was impressive.  I will  definitely considerer using them again on future projects.  Installation was simple, fast, and I was surprised how solid the posts were when bolted in."

You don't have to run a public facility to realize the value of Perma-Columns. You can use them for a backyard shelter, a pergola, signs or fenceposts, or a big deck off the back of your house.  We also offer smaller Perma-DeckPosts for decks lower to the ground. Whatever you are planning, if you thought you wanted to put posts in the ground think again - use Perma-Columns and build to last.

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For Post-frame pole buildings or pole barns that are durable, economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly sustainable buildings, use Perma-Column foundation products. Perma-Column concrete posts and Sturdi-Wall post brackets keep building posts out of soil contact, for a post foundation that will never rot. We can help you with pole barn plans / pole barn blueprints /pole building designs / post-frame building plans; also pole barn kits, pole building prices, post brackets, and other pole building foundation options. We can help you find a post-frame builder / find a pole building contractor / find a pole barn builder. Contact us to find pole building supply companies, and find a pole building engineer or post-frame building design professional who can engineer and stamp a pole building plan. Click here to request pricing, technical and other info.