Our products help you repair or avoid post rot so you may build the most economical, energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildings and decks. 

Perma-Column post-frame frost-protected concrete pier & Sturdi-Wall drill-set anchor

Perma-DeckPost and composite footing pad frost-protected concrete pier & Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set bracket

We are primarily a producer/wholesaler/distributor, although we do offer some retail services – we are conveniently located at 828 N Roosevelt St in Marion, KS. Please call us at (785) 691-9366 or complete the form below so we may determine your eligibility for wholesale or retail purchase or help you find design materials, designers, builders or retailers who may best meet your needs:

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Perma-Column Pricing and Availability

We are primarily a wholesaler and have product displays in more than 350 lumberyards and contactor offices. We offer wholesale discounts to retailers and in states where we do not have a storefront via online purchase – please complete the form above and we will help you buy on a retail or wholesale level that best suits your circumstances.

We also offer items for retail from our location in Marion, Kansas at suggested retail prices; our lumberyard dealers may offer our products at suggested retail prices or less. Because we are centrally located near one of the largest intermodal facilities in the nation, we can ship to almost any domestic or international location at very competitive shipping prices for Perma-Column products. Contact us using the form above so we may get you discounted pricing with shipping.

Should you be in need of a complete do-it-yourself DIY building package, we can help provide assistance with obtaining package quotes from a source near you that provides our Perma Column products. We can provide technical advice and other assistance for do-it-yourself DIY pole building kits and builders you may know who have not used our products before. Contact us using the form above and we will get the post-frame technical info you are looking for.

We have the best online technical resources available related to post-frame technical information and other resources related to post-frame foundation design using Perma-Column, Sturdi-Wall brackets, Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set brackets and various post foundation options. Additional information is available upon request – (785) 691-9366 or

Some builders may not know about Perma-Column products. Others may tell you they cost too much money. Please have them contact Heartland Perma-Column, we offer a better price when they buy with our assistance! If your local lumberyard or builder has never offered Perma-Column products to you before, please contact us using the form above and type the name and phone number of your local lumberyard or building contractor in the comments form field.

Although the cost of a concrete foundation is higher than that of treated wood posts buried in soil, using Perma-Columns is the least expensive way to build any kind of building on concrete. Some builders may even tell you that you don’t need Perma-Columns, because their treated wood posts are just as good – as you probably already know, this is not true.

Although properly treated posts embedded in soil may last a long time in some cases, in other cases they may not last very long at all. Many people don’t know they have a problem unless they dig beneath the soil and look. Most people realize something is wrong when they slam a door and the post may start to sway – and when they dig down they may see the post is partially or even fully decayed.

You really never know exactly when a post may rot underground. It could be after several decades, or it could be within a few decades. Mostly it depends on the ambient conditions. In cases where the soil has plenty of microbes, acidity or animal urine and feces (conditions often found in a pole barn), posts may rot in surprisingly short order. Perma-Columns are the permanent solution for a quality structure.

Some builders offer staggeringly long warranties on post-frame “pole buildings” – perhaps even 50 or 60 year warranties. These types of warranties are not typical of other buildings, and that is because pole barn builders want to convince people that treated wood posts embedded in soil will last a long time. Note, however, that like most warranties they are limited to the original purchaser and non-transferrable to new residents – a loophole that takes advantage of the fact that Americans move on average every 7 years.  Another loophole is the "pass through warranty".  This means that the liability does not rest on the shoulders of the contractor or supplier, but rather it is "passed through" to the chemical company.  Interestingly, most chemical companies that make wood treatments expressly exclude pole building posts from their warranties. The “Lifetime Limited” warranties for the major chemical producers all say they do not cover “…building poles or building timbers in structural applications…” Producers of laminated wood columns for soil embedment also limit their liability to the column itself, leaving the builder or building owner with the much more expensive portion – time and effort to fix it. 

Research confirms that most copper-based waterborne wood preservatives will not protect posts for more than 50 years. The biocide within the newest generation of wood preservatives is designed with a maximum service life of 50 years – although more environmentally-friendly than older treatments that are no longer allowed on most modern structures, the newer generations of wood preservatives are not nearly as long-lasting.

In field testing conducted by the Forest Products Laboratory, most waterborne, copper-based preservatives have an expected longevity between 40 and 60 years, and oil-based preservatives may last much longer (Freeman, Crawford, Lebow and Brient, 2005, USDA Forest Products Laboratory: “Comparison of Wood Preservatives in Posts in Southern Mississippi: Results from a Half-Decade of Testing”). This was based on “Predicted typical service life of treated and untreated southern pine posts as given by the estimated 60th percentile for each treatment group” based on a pull-test of only 50 lbs. According to the report, “…typical life is approximated by the time when 60% of the posts in a group have failed; this was assumed in prior reviews of this data and is referred to as the average service life.” The posts were considered to have “failed” if 60% of them could not withstand a lateral pull of only 50 lbs. – although a post-frame building may generate several thousand pounds of shear under maximum load, and failure of just one post may lead to building collapse.

Some people may try to compare the cost of the Perma-Column to the cost of a cheaper wood post; if you consider just this small aspect of a building you lose perspective. Consider the investment you are putting into the entire building, and a Perma-Column upgrade is just a small percentage increase on the overall cost of the entire project.

On a really cheap building, Perma-Columns may add a something over 10% to the entire building’s cost. On more expensive buildings, the cost to upgrade to Perma-Columns may be between 3% and 6% of the total construction project. Isn’t a relatively small upgrade cost worth protecting the long-term value of such a significant investment?

Think of the structural issues caused by posts that embedded in soil. When wood is constantly kept moist, it loses its strength – this is commonly referred to by engineers as “wet service performance reduction”. There are many good companies that provide post-frame “pole buildings” and “pole barns” out there. Below is just a partial list. Be sure to let them know you want Perma-Columns, so your building will have the best value and long-term integrity possible. Use the form above to let us know the name and number of your favorite builder or material dealer, and we’ll coordinate and educate everyone so you get the best possible experience.

Perma-Column products have been used by many reputable operations. Like us, Morton Buildings Inc is also now under license by Perma-Column to produce precast concrete pier systems for post-frame buildings; which they refer to as the Morton Foundation System and now offer as the industry standard on Morton pole barns and other Morton pole buildings.

Other companies familiar with Perma-Column products include Burrows Construction/Burrows Post-Frame Supply, Edgecomb Construction, Farm and Home Structures, Flory Construction, National Barn Co, Bardford Buildings, Boehs Construction, Bilt-Rite Buildings, DG Construction, Cleaver Farm and Home, Martin Metal, Sutherlands pole barns, ProBuild (formerly United Building Centers or UBC), McCray Lumber, 84 Lumber, Trendel Lumber, Star Lumber, Cedar Creek, Quality Structures, Inc., Star Lumber & Supply, Pro-Build of Wichita, Trendel Lumber Co., Inc., Martin Metal LLC, Axtell Lumber, Hopkins Lumber, Scott Materials, National Barn Company - Central Div, Hackmann Lumber of Troy, Stallbaumer Lumber & Hardware Inc, Mill Creek Lumber, Andale Lumber, Pickrell Lumber Co, Prairie Metal Sales, B & B Lumber Co., Inc., Builders Supply Co., Inc., Sutherlands of Emporia, Edelman Lumber, Carhart Lumber Co., B & M Construction, Cobleskill Building Supply, Dunipace Buildings, Eicher Farm Supply & Buildings, Better Built Structures, Meek Lumber of Mexico, Mo., Lockridge Lumber of Centerville, Quinn Lumber Company, Precision Truss, Schrock Construction, Midwest Building Materials, Cleaver Farm & Home, Axxent Buildings, LLC, Sand Creek Post & Beam, Sutton Lumber, Flory Construction, Southwest Builder Supply, Suther Building Supplies, Perma-Column, Inc., King City Lumber Company, Jamesport Lumber, Hass Feed Lot, LLC, P E Jepson Lumber of Macon, Pleasant Dale Lumber & Oil Co, Mark II Lumber, Guill Construction LLC / AAA Self Storage, Fremont Builders Supply, Pat Thorne Lumber of Chilicothe, Kerner True Value Hardware, Quinter Building Materials Co. 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Because our products are new in the market, not everyone at all these companies is well-versed in Perma-Column products – please use the form above to Contact Us so we may help you have the best customer experience.

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any other options, ours are made of special low-alloy-high-strength steel (stronger and more corrosion resistant than other steel), precision-machined, robotically-welded, specially powder-coated (for better corrosion resistance than ZMAX, GMAX and other hot-dipped galvanized systems), highest-quality and lifetime guaranteed. To ensure you get the best price and service, please contact us first using the form above, and we will make sure you get in contact with contractors and retailers who understand our products and will get you a very competitive price. We can help you find the pole barn company that best fits your situation, and we can even help coordinate things to make things easier for you to build a pole barn for agricultural building / agri-business or build a pole building for commercial, residential, industrial, or suburban building use. Please fill in the form above at the top of this page.

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For Post-frame pole buildings or pole barns that are durable, economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly sustainable buildings, use Perma-Column foundation products. Perma-Column concrete posts and Sturdi-Wall post brackets keep building posts out of soil contact, for a post foundation that will never rot. We can help you with pole barn plans / pole barn blueprints /pole building designs / post-frame building plans; also pole barn kits, pole building prices, post brackets, and other pole building foundation options. We can help you find a post-frame builder / find a pole building contractor / find a pole barn builder. Contact us to find pole building supply companies, and find a pole building engineer or post-frame building design professional who can engineer and stamp a pole building plan. Click here to request pricing, technical and other info.