F. Perma-Column Uplift Kit and Column Extender

F. Perma-Column Uplift Kit and Column Extender

Uplift Anchor Kits come in Standard and Large sizes to provide adequate uplift resistance for almost any post-frame building.  Just bolt them onto the bottom of a Perma-Column and place the assemly on top of a pre-cast or cast-in-place footing pad.  Perma-Columns generally do not need to be set in wet concrete, but if you wish to do so simply run 1/2" rebar through the hole where the uplift anchor bracket attaches and pour plenty of concrete around it to crate a footing that provides both upward and downward resistance.

Column Extenders increase the depth of Perma-Column footings by either one or two feet.  Just set the extender in the post hole and add plenty of concrete to cover the entire Extender, to create a large footing that provides upward and downward resistance for very large buildings or if the frost line is deeper than four feet.

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For Post-frame pole buildings or pole barns that are durable, economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly sustainable buildings, use Perma-Column foundation products. Perma-Column concrete posts and Sturdi-Wall post brackets keep building posts out of soil contact, for a post foundation that will never rot. We can help you with pole barn plans / pole barn blueprints /pole building designs / post-frame building plans; also pole barn kits, pole building prices, post brackets, and other pole building foundation options. We can help you find a post-frame builder / find a pole building contractor / find a pole barn builder. Contact us to find pole building supply companies, and find a pole building engineer or post-frame building design professional who can engineer and stamp a pole building plan. Click here to request pricing, technical and other info.