B. Perma-DeckPost

B. Perma-DeckPost

The Perma-DeckPost
by Perma-Column

Where does a wooden deck always rot long before the rest of the deck has reached its service life? On the ground-embedded supporting posts, right below the soil. Now there is a quick, easy and economical solution to this problem.

The Perma-DeckPost by Perma-Column is a pre-cast, reinforced concrete post that brackets onto the bottom of a standard 4x4" or 6x6" treated post, 6x6" rough-hewn cedar, or a 4x6" or larger support beam or rim joist.  This elevates the wood above the soil, which greatly increases the longevity of treated wood.

The Perma-DeckPost features an Innovative Height Adjuster. Just adjust the length, place it in a tamped hole, add dry concrete and backfill.  No mixing concrete, no mess, no waiting for the tempertures to get above freezing or for the concrete to set - just set it and go! Click here for 1-page detailed installation instructions you can download and print.

The DeckPost is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Dig to a frost-free depth
2. Adjust DeckPost height
3. A
dd dry or wet concrete at bottom

Fill the rest of the hole with dirt…and it’s done!

Height Adjusters are available in any length, so you can use a longer Adjuster for a deeper footing or if you want the DeckPost to stick up higher out of the ground.  Because the footing may be buried as deep as your region's frost line, these units will not heave and become askew like other pre-cast concrete deck block post mounts. Add dry sack concrete around the Height Adjuster to make a footing at frost line depth.  Ground water (or a garden hose) will set the dry concrete once you're done; or temporarily brace the DeckPost in place and add wet concrete to the bottom of the hole.

Another oprtion that's even faster is to bolt a composite FootingPad to the bottom of the DeckPost.  Just tamp the bottom of the hole and bury it! No mixing, no waiting, no mess - it can save an entire day compared to creating a cast-in-place concrete pier. DeckPosts are available in 30" and 40" lengths to accomodate frost depths in the Heartland.

Made with 10,000 psi concrete, Perma-DeckPosts will last more than a lifetime. 

Fast, Easy, Economical Installation

Trying to form a cast-in-place pier is difficult and time-consuming...and if you're not dead accurate, it's also frustrating. And buying a sono-tube cardboard form, a bracket and a bunch of concrete to form a pier will cost about the same as a DeckPost - but it won't look nearly as nice and if your time is worth a penny it will actually cost more. So why try to fool yourself into thinking it will be cheaper for you to make your own cast-in-place concrete pier? 

Fix Rotten Posts

If you have a deck that's in pretty good shape but has rotten posts, you can save your deck, "save the trees" and save thousands of dollars!  Temporarily brace the deck, cut off the post above the rot, dig out the rotten post and slip a pre-cast Perma-DeckPost in underneath.  Click here to review more detailed post replacement instructions that can work on either buildings or decks.

Other uses:

Wooden fence posts
Wooden mailbox and sign posts
Small post-frame sheds using 4x4's or two nail-laminated 2x's
Pier supports for sagging floors in crawl spaces 
Home entryway porches
Portico and porch roof supporting columns
Ground-mounted photo-voltaic solar arrays, solar water heaters and other solar applications
Wooden windmill post foundations
Any other place you might think of sticking a post in the ground...

Click here to see connection details and other technical information.

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