Perma-DeckPost Connection Details

Perma-DeckPost Connection Details

As an alternative to deep-notched 6x6" posts illustrated in DCA6, 4x4" posts may typically be used on decks that are 6' or less from the top of the concrete pier to the bottom of the deck framing (the bottom of beams or rim joists) if there is no roof load imposed. There are several ways to secure rim joists or beams to a 4x4" post without the need to notch. Below are some examples:

Simpson concealed rim joist hangar HUC26-2, HUC28-2, HUC210-2, etc. (fits two 2x6s, 2x8s, 2x10s, etc.); post may extend above deck for rail attachment.

Titan Rail Post Anchor safely affixes rail post to deck surface if post does not extend above the deck.

Simpson BC4Z post cap base with 4x6 beam or two 2x's laminated to make a rim joist on top.

Simpson DJT14Z Deck Joist Tie, typically used in pairs on opposite sides of the post with 2x joists

Simpson TP35 Tie Plate, use in pairs on both sides of 4x beams or two 2x's laminated to make a rim joist atop the post

2-Ply Rim Joist or 4x beam atop 4x4" post with 2x4 wood connection plate connected by carriage bolts and screws

NOTE that the beam or rim joist should bear atop the post instead of being bolted to the side of the post.

Other approved brackets or assemblies may be used instead of these examples.  Please consult your local code official.

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