Designed for Code Acceptance

Designed for Code Acceptance

Code officials can approve buildings that use Perma-Column products with confidence.

  • An ICC Evaluation Service Report (ICC-ESR) usually provides a fast-track for code official acceptance of new products. Nevertheless, section 104.11 of the International Building Code allows for alternative materials, design and methods for approval of products engineered and tested in accordance with recognized standards even if an ICC-ESR is not available; Perma-Column products are approved in accordance with section 104.11 of the IBC.
  • Back in 2002 when the products were commercially introduced, Perma-Column took them directly to the experts in post-frame structural research at leading research institutions. Two separate universities tested the products in accordance with ASTM and other pertinent standards. This independent research has been recognized by many code officials as just as good or better than that which could have been conducted at an ICC-registered company's lab.
  • Perma-Column products have been independently tested and thoroughly researched by leading institutions in the field of post-frame structural research.  Two universities conducted scientific studies in accordance with ASTM and other pertinent standards, proving Perma-Columns have superior characteristics compared to nail-laminated wood columns embedded in soil.
  • C. Wayne Unsell, PhD, PE, Chair of the Department of Civil And Architectural Engineering Technology at the Center for the Built Environment at Purdue University, used a 400,000 lb capacity Tineus Olsen universal testing machine, with a testing procedure that adhered to ASTM D 198-99, Standard Test Methods of Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes. Purdue research found that Perma-Column assemblies were stronger than soil-embedded nailed-laminated columns in a report titled "Flexural Strength Tests of Perma-Column Compared with Nailed-Laminated Columns".
  • David R. Bohnhoff, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Biological Systems Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison, the world's foremost researcher on post-frame structures, performed extensive laboratory tests on Perma-Column producs in accordance with ASTM and ASABE standards. He developed an Engineering Design Manual for Perma-Columns based on research at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Brent Leatherman, P.E. of TimberTech Engineering, a leading firm in post-frame structural engineering, used the methods established by Dr. Bohnhoff's research and recognized engineering practices to independently develop engineering calculations for structural design performance of Perma-Column products. These documents provide the structural specifications and loading qualities of Perma-Columns, Sturdi-Wall drill-set anchors, Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set brackets, and the pre-cast concrete Perma-Column DeckPosts:
  • We have developed a  specification  that complies with AIA and CSI requirements for your convenience.
  • Concrete used in Perma-Column products is tested in accordance with American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards for quality control, to ensure that all Perma-Columns feature concrete of far superior quality compared to normal concrete.  Perma-Columns use a special formula for 10,000 psi concrete.  This makes Perma-Columns a much stronger, safer and more reliable product than cast-in-place concrete piers, which typically may include use concrete with a rating as low at 3,000 psi.
  • Compared to soil-embedded wood columns, Perma-Columns are clearly a better and stronger choice. Testing at two leading universities confirms that a Perma-Column assembly is stronger than wood columns designed for soil-embedded post foundations.  Because Perma-Columns keep wood posts or columns about 12" above the soil, untreated lumber may be used for many applications.  Also unlike soil-embedded wood columns, there is no wet service deduction to reduce the rated strength of wood posts or columns with Perma-Column products.  Furthermore, with time most soil-embedded wood will rot, significantly compromising structural performance potentially to the point of collapse or other failure; Perma-Columns were specifically developed to avoid those types of failures.
  • Many structural engineers have affixed their seal to buildings that use Perma-Column products. Engineers who review the research and engineering calculations prepared by Dr. Unsell, Dr. Bohnhoff and Brent Leartherman P.E. have expressed their appreciation of the quality of their research and enginering skills, and their confidence in the products and the engineering behind them.
  • Perma-Column products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  Since the company was started in 2002, there has never been a structural warranty claim made for any Perma-Column product.

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