HPC Introduces New Pre-Cast Concrete Piers for Decks

06/19/2012 15:37

New sizes fit 6x6” Treated and Cedar Posts

Heartland Perma-Column (HPC) of Baldwin City Kan. is proud to announce the addition of new sizes to its Perma-DeckPost (TM) line of pre-cast concrete piers for wooden decks.  Previously available to fit 4x4 posts, beams and rim joists, the Perma-DeckPost is now also available to fit 6x6” treated and 6x6” rough-sawn cedar posts.

“We started out by offering ¼” thick steel drill-set and wet-set brackets and pre-cast concrete piers for post-frame ‘pole buildings’ and for wooden decks,” noted John Fullerton, president of HPC.  “Independently tested at leading structural research institutions, proven to provide shear strength up to 9,139 lbs. and moment up to 59,000 lbs., with details stamped by industry-leading engineers - nothing else even comes close to the strength of a ground-embedded wood post like a Perma-Column does.”

Using Perma-Columns (TM), Sturdi-Wall (TM) drill-set brackets or Sturdi-Wall Plus (TM) wet-set brackets, post-frame buildings, open-sided shelters and tall decks avoid failures that may occur with lighter-gage brackets.  They are precision-machined, robotically-welded, powder-coated and lifetime guaranteed.

“People used them for two-story decks, open-sided pergolas and carports, and decks with a roof load on them,” Fullerton added. “People liked using the Perma-Columns for decks so much we added another product line of smaller, lighter and more economical pre-cast piers for shorter decks that didn't need as much lateral bearing capacity.”

For the more common wooden deck, porch or entryway, HPC started by offering a smaller and lighter-weight pre-cast concrete pier: The Perma-DeckPost.  With a 1/8” thick steel bracket embedded in a 10,000 psi concrete pier and a composite FootingPad (TM) in 10” or 16” diameter that bolts onto the bottom of the pier, one can just tamp the bottom of the hole and bury it - and the pier is done.  There is no mixing, waiting, or mess compared to pouring a cast-in-place pier.  It can easily save a day on many jobs, and has a clean, professional look. 

The original DP44 model fits 4x4 posts, 4x6 beams or 2-ply rim joists.  Two new sizes are now offered: DP66 fits nominal 6x6” treated posts, and DP64 fits rough-sawn 6x6” cedar timbers.  All three models are offered in both 30” and 40” lengths, with optional extenders also available.

New foundation options offered by Perma-Column provide durable alternatives to the soil-embedded treated wood post foundations typically installed for most post-frame buildings and decks, ensuring exceptionally long life. By elevating wood above soil yet retaining the inherent benefits of post-frame construction, Perma-Column products use steel and concrete for post-type building foundations that last indefinitely.  Their innovative products help builders easily erect economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly structures. 

For more information, please call (785) 594-5696 or visit www.HeartlandPermaColumn.com.


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