Heartland Perma-Column Recruits 100 Retailers

04/01/2010 00:12

Heartland Perma-Column is pleased to announce that more than 100 lumberyards and other building material dealers now offer Perma-Column products to their customers.

On March 25, Webb Home Center of Salina KS became the 100th dealer recruited in the Heartland region since Heartland Perma-Column began reaching out less than six months ago to design professionals, builders and distributors in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Perma-Column products provide new foundation options for post-frame buildings, as well as for wooden decks. It is a concrete foundation solution that takes advantage of the efficiencies of post-frame building design.

Post-frame buildings utilize wooden posts, which may often be embedded directly in the soil to serve as the building’s foundation. Perma-Columns are pre-cast concrete posts that elevate wood above the soil. Made of a special proprietary formula for 10,000 p.s.i. concrete, they feature a granite-like finish and superior resistance to cracking and crumbling compared to regular concrete.

Perma-Column also provides the Sturdi-Wall Bracket, which affixes steel or wood building posts atop concrete walls or slabs; and the Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set anchor, which may be embedded in a cast-in-place concrete pier or thickened-edge continuous concrete foundation. The brackets also provide the means to build a post-frame building with a basement. A new product is the Perma-DeckPost, which provides an alternative to treated wood post ground embedment for composite and wood decks.

Post-frame buildings are often referred to by the slang terms “pole buildings” and “pole barns,” despite the fact that round utility poles have not been used for buildings for many decades. Developed primarily during the Great Depression and WWII due to their economy and efficiency, post-frame evolved over several decades into a reliable system that is accepted by the International Building Code and other pertinent design standards.

Although post-frame was once used exclusively for agricultural buildings, it is now also used for churches, schools, strip malls, industrial facilities, warehouses, garages, houses and more. Post-frame can achieve any exterior or interior look. Wood and asphalt shingles and other kinds of roofing products may be used. Horizontal lap siding, stucco, brick, stone, vinyl, architectural foam and exterior insulation finish systems are all options.

Post-frame buildings use fewer materials than almost any other type of building due to the efficiency of their design. Because the production of wood used for framing actually removes CO2 from the atmosphere using natural processes, it is the most environmentally-friendly of all building products. Furthermore, steel components are recyclable. Using Perma-Columns, one can also reduce the amount of concrete needed for a building when compared to other foundation types.
Because large posts are used, there are fewer components to install. The design efficiency of post-frame buildings reduces the total amount of materials needed, so they have the lowest embodied energy of all buildings. They also have a wide, uninterrupted wall cavity that can achieve the best insulation R-values, so they can use much less energy over their life cycle than other types of buildings.

The new business is located in Douglas County, Kansas, between Topeka and Kansas City, and can efficiently serve a wide radius in the Heartland of America. For more information, please visit www.HeartlandPermaColumn.com, email info@HeartlandPermaColumn.com, or phone 785/594-5696.


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