Heartland Perma-Column Introduces New 5x5" Post-Frame Building Bracket

01/19/2011 14:29

New Sturdi-Wall Drill-Set Anchor fits 5x5” Posts

Jan. 19, 2011, Baldwin City, Kan. – Heartland Perma-Column of Baldwin City Kan. is proud to announce the addition of a new item: the Sturdi-Wall SW55 Drill-Set Bracket. It is specially designed to fit a solid-sawn 5x5” treated wood post.

Most post-frame buildings in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and the western portions of Missouri and Arkansas use 5x5” solid-sawn posts. To meet regional demand, Heartland Perma-Column will distribute a powder-coated, robotically-welded bracket forged of quarter-inch steel that is engineered specifically for post-frame applications - now with a 5” x 5 1/8” pocket to accommodate a Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) treated 5x5” timber.

“We need a new product because we’re growing into a new region,” said John Fullerton, President of Heartland Perma-Column. “Perma-Column products were developed back east, where people mostly use 6x6” timbers or laminated columns. Out here in the Heartland, most post-frame “pole buildings” use 5x5” CCA-treated posts.”

By elevating wood above soil yet retaining the inherent benefits of post-frame construction, Perma-Column products use steel and concrete for post-type building foundations that last indefinitely. Their innovative products help builders erect very economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Originally developed for agricultural structures, post-frame design is also ideal for low-rise commercial, industrial, retail, residential and public uses due to its economy, speedy construction and high insulation R-values. New façade and interior finish options make post-frame designs very competitive compared to other types of buildings, as they may meet the highest aesthetic demands to match surrounding buildings or set a high standard for new project developments. New foundation options offered by Perma-Column provide durable alternatives to the soil-embedded treated wood post foundations typically installed for most post-frame buildings, ensuring exceptionally long building life.

For more information, please call (785) 594-5696 or visit www.HeartlandPermaColumn.com.


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