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Perma-Column pre-cast piers and heavy brackets keep posts out of the ground to avoid rot, or may be used to fix rotten posts.



 Now also available for Wooden Decks and Fences

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The FootingPad Composite Footing System carries the same loads as concrete footing pads of the same diameter; but they are much quicker and easier to use. They also reduce plastic waste and pollution, because they are made of 100% recycled plastic content.


Contact us to get the best price and technical advice on Perma-Column products.  We can help you find a builder, designer or even a DIY pole building kit you can put up yourself.  Centrally located for lowest shipping costs, we serve a wide area.

Here at Heartland Perma-Column we’re all about durability and long lasting strength. Using Perma-Column products eliminates the need to put treated wood in the ground, which is likely to rot and quickly lose its strength. Instead of using a treated wood post foundation for a pole barn or other type of post-frame pole building, use Perma-Columns. Our 10,000 psi precast concrete columns combine the economic benefits of post frame building with the durability of concrete. Our Sturdi-Wall drill-set brackets and Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set brackets also allow post-frame construction on traditional concrete foundations.

Perma-Columns will last much longer than soil-embedded treated wood, and save you money down the road. Although Perma-Columns may initially appear more expensive than ground-embedded treated wood posts, treated wood posts or treated laminated columns stuck directly in the ground will eventually cost more money as they gradually deteriorate. You may use Perma-Columns, Sturdi-Wall drill-set brackets or Sturdi-Wall Plus wet-set brackets to repair rotten pole buildings - just replace the rotten posts with concrete piers, saving substantial amounts of money compared to razing an old structure just to build anew; but why do the work twice - do it right the first time! It will cost more time, money and effort using the cheap wood-in-the-ground option than if you just use Perma-Column products when your your new building is erected in the first place. 

Post-frame “pole buildings” and “pole barns” that use Perma-Column foundation products are the most economical, energy-efficient and eco-friendly “green buildings" you can erect. Post-frame buildings are design efficient, using less materials to build the structure, with fewer structural members breaking up the insulation, making them sustainable buildings that are far less expensive than any other type of building. Post-frame designs can allow you to build high side walls and wide clear-spans that will give you flexibility and design efficiency. Post-frame is the best choice for low-rise commercial buildings, as well as post-frame homes, pole barn homes, detatched garages and more. Click here to find free post-frame building designs. pole barn blueprints and other pole building plans.

If you want to learn more about post-frame buildings, we have a lot of great information to share with you. Just click here to educate yourself on the strongest and most economical way to build. You can also watch videos about Perma-Columns to further understand how post-frame buildings work, and see for yourself why it truly is the best choice. We also encourage new customers to browse our FAQ section to answer common questions about building with Perma-Columns. If you still need answers please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to discuss your project with you and provide technical advice, design assistance and help you find a builder, find a designer or find a supplier for all of your building needs.  We can help you get the most economical and high-quality post-frame structure to meet your needs.

We’re all about building smarter, faster, and better, so you can have the most economical and efficient building. Check out all of our products and build your dream on a sturdy, long-lasting foundation.


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For Post-frame pole buildings or pole barns that are durable, economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly sustainable buildings, use Perma-Column foundation products. Perma-Column concrete posts and Sturdi-Wall post brackets keep building posts out of soil contact, for a post foundation that will never rot. We can help you with pole barn plans / pole barn blueprints /pole building designs / post-frame building plans; also pole barn kits, pole building prices, post brackets, and other pole building foundation options. We can help you find a post-frame builder / find a pole building contractor / find a pole barn builder. Contact us to find pole building supply companies, and find a pole building engineer or post-frame building design professional who can engineer and stamp a pole building plan. Click here to request pricing, technical and other info.